Our Team consists of sisters of various backgrounds. We collectively work with our strengths in developing, designing and planning our activities & events. Our team values communication at its best! We believe that every little thing should be communicated regardless of its importance, so that everyone stays informed and discuss issues with an open mind. We strive to make our volunteers feel comfortable and keep a light atmosphere so that each and every volunteer feels at ease to discuss their concerns and experiences. We have many sisters who are volunteering for their first time and volunteers are our priority. It is only through our volunteer efforts that we can have a successful event and supportive backup. The hierarchy works in  way where the volunteers are taken care by the management team and their roles are given according to their interests. Our founder, sister Aysha takes care of her team, its a circle of care and this is what keeps us growing , Alhamdulillah.

Currently the HH Team has 8 members; Managing director, Support manager, Events manager & Team, Marketing Lead and a Social media expertise through which ideas are brainstormed and therefore executed in a streamlined manner.


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