Our activities include:

  1. Cost-effective Crafts: handbags made from old newspapers
  2. Dua & Etiquette Cards: We distribute etiquette posters and cards in schools and offices and place table cards during events like seminars, conferences and weddings
  3. Table cards:  Our table cards include create awareness of etiquette of eating and drinking, aimed to minimize the merciless wastage of food during these events.
  4. Pen/ key-chain tags:  These tags can be attached as  reminders to products like tiffin boxes and lunch boxes.
  5. Hadith stickers:
  6. Dish parties: Our dish parties (or potlucks) is where sisters engage in meaningful talks and games, with a Muslimah code of conduct to create real halal and fun-filled gatherings.
  7. Henna evenings: Our fundraising henna evenings are very popular with the ladies

Our printer friendly designs (they don’t use much ink!) are available for download right here on this website.

In 2013, we also reached a milestone by having a presence of more than 50 volunteers at the Islamic Affairs Department of UAE’s Da’wah exhibition. We also displayed and sold our products here.
We only use sustainable materials such as recycled envelopes and paper bags when gifting our products, subhan Allah. 


5 thoughts on “Activities

  1. Asslamualikum sister. Is there any way of contributing to your activities by being in India? Which part of the world are you based? I am especially inspired by your theme of being eco friendly as that is something I personally try to promote as well.

      1. Wa anthum jazakallahu khairan. Happy to receive an immediate response:) after I commented, I noticed the ‘be a volunteer’ link and have sent the application. Hope this would suffice?

      2. Yes in sha Allah 🙂 We will get in touch with you as soon as new opportunities come up in sha Allah

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