Join Our Network

Humble Hearts is striving to increase their productivity and efforts by expanding their network by maintaining a database of Volunteers and Causes. We ensure the smooth running of the event by providing passionate ,  enthusiastic and skilled volunteers to organize and fulfill the requirements of the event, in sha Allah.

You can make Humble Hearts A part of you in 2 Ways :

  1. Become a volunteer
  2. Get Humble Hearts volunteers for your event

Become a Volunteer

The success of any initiative is as good as its team. We believe in a unified bond of sisterhood and in supporting each other for good causes.

We also believe that every person is gifted with some skills and resources. And any skills can be honed and utilized to their best with the da’wah attitude. If you would like to put your skills to use towards our causes, please join our team.

You could volunteer your time and talents by clicking here and filling out the volunteer registration form. Once approved as a Humble Hearts volunteer we will contact you about the opportunities available and you can choose to be associated with the cause.

Volunteering with Humble Hearts has several benefits:

  1. You get to spread the message of Islam and earn the pleasure of Allah swt in sha Allah
  2. Learn aspects of islam along the way that you have always wanted to learn
  3. Make a positive contribution by making a difference to the someone’s life, our planet and our ummah
  4. You get a creative outlet to display and utilize your skills
  5. Sometimes you might end up discovering a new skill in yourself
  6. You interact with other motivated sisters from around the world
  7. Over a period of time you will come across professional development opportunities that you can choose to pursue
  8. Experience improved self esteem, self confidence and life satisfaction

Join our Volunteers Database or HH Team by filling up this form – Click Here


Get Humble Hearts volunteers for your event

If you are an established Islamic business or organization, who needs motivated volunteers for your event, please contact us or fill out the volunteer requisition form here.

We take care in selecting and screening volunteers and matching the volunteers to your causes. We try our best to match the volunteers to the causes they are themselves passionate about.

Please note that a lot of our sisters observe niqaab and hijaab and therefore we request you to mention beforehand if there is going to mixing of different genders in your event




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