Volunteer Experience- Sister Hina

Sister Hina

The flowing black abayas swirled the floor gracefully. Smiles exchanged between sisters uniformly clad in simple black hijabs. Such were the spirits that the warmth even exuded from behind the niqabs as their eyes collided to greet each other. United for a single cause,to support a Muslim in need only added to the feeling of indescribable calm and mercy enveloping the gathering of sisterhood.

Watching them cheerfully selling and attending to customers  reminded me, how one of the Mother of Believers, Hazrat Khadijah (R.A) was also involved in trade 1400 years ago.Hence, probably the knack to handle merchandise came about naturally to these sisters. Moreover, running the show for two consecutive days with a meticulous setup strongly reflected the unimaginable amount of time and sweat put in by the group right from the scratch. Nevertheless, the main team members paled into comparison with volunteers as they enthusiastically weaved into the crowd by extending a constant helping hand throughout. While, the founder and owner, sister Aysha shyly hid behind the curtains of fame, it served as a reminder once again that we had only gathered to please Allah (swt) Alone. And, to support a tiny withering brick of this Ummah who requires money for his expensive treatment.

All in all, each sister dignified her presence hailing under the common flag of ‘Humble Hearts’ while reiterating the fact that Islam binds us all with a common thread of compassion. Allahu Akbar


One thought on “Volunteer Experience- Sister Hina

  1. Ma sha Allah awesome …. May Allah reward Sr Aysha and all the volunteers who participated in this great cause in this world and the hereafter, Ameen … 🙂

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