Volunteer Experience – Sister Nawal

Nawal kazi is one of HH volunteers. She is an IOU student and she has a passion for volunteering. She gave her best during the Flea market by volunteering for henna corner. Below she writes her experience with us, Alhamdulillah.

It all started with a volunteers meet at a humble heart members house,  on a soothing bright morning.
We were a bunch of enthusiastic youth whose enthusiasm was channelized by the head of humble hearts in the right direction, which she so affectionately did by a motivating speech reminding us the true purpose of the gathering- Charity sincerely for the sake of Allah and done in the manner most pleasing to him.
We were advised to carefully gauge the products that we would be selling at the flea market and ensure that they stick to halal standards.
We were also advised to maintain proper hijab , both in terms of clothing and also regarding our interactions with the opposite gender.
We were then alloted our duties which we chose as per interests.
The whole room was buzzing with excitement and determination to work on the cause of Ali.
The day ended with some scrumptious snacks set up by the host
Finally , the day of the event arrived.
I woke up in the morning with bad flu and a heavy head. My body screamed to go back into the blankets and call the day off. I knew it the event would go on without me , but I would be deprived of the rewards of being a part of this selfless virtue. I got up, took a long hot shower and was on the way to the flea market.
The whole hall with volunteers  looked like butterflies fluttering around , getting their tables set up beautifully.
I was volunteering for henna , and as the event hadn’t started a joined a group and helped them sort their boxes.
I was elated by the fact that we were a bunch of strangers cooperating and mixing up merrily for a common cause.
The hall was done in time and the event begun.
The visitors came in and got their hands dyed with beautiful henna patterns. Some Shopper Moms even left their kids at the mehendi stall while they could shop peacefully and their dolls hands could be decorated meanwhile.
We had a good amount of visitors and happy faces with the intricate work done on their delicate hands.

We had lunch and snacks sponsored to keep our energy levels up.

At the end of the day we were all happy that the event was over in a manner better then we expected by the mercy of allah

We pray , allah accepts the efforts on his path and grant Ali a speedy recovery.


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