Support Project – Give And Take

Join Here ( Brothers ) Join Here (Sisters) First Online Flea market for a Cause All Praise and Thanks to Allah, We in Give & Take Online Flea invite you to join us to strive for the betterment of our community, Where private individuals with non commercial intention selling everything used / unused, from household items,…

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Our Team consists of sisters of various backgrounds. We collectively work with our strengths in developing, designing and planning our activities & events. Our team values communication at its best! We believe that every little thing should be communicated regardless of its importance, so that everyone stays informed and discuss issues with an open mind.…

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Our activities include eco-friendly da’wah (missionary work) by using creative skills in making new paper bags, cardboard smiley badges and more. We also strive to raise funds to support community causes like families who need special support. We distribute etiquette posters and cards in schools and offices and place table cards during events like seminars,…

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Join Our Network

Humble Hearts is striving to increase their productivity and efforts by expanding their network by maintaining a database of Volunteers and Causes. We ensure the smooth running of the event by providing passionate ,  enthusiastic and skilled volunteers to organize and fulfill the requirements of the event, in sha Allah. You can make Humble Hearts…

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We  conducted our first activity in 2012, beginning our journey with FREE product distribution during a lecture in Dubai Women’s Association. Product Stands DWA_15th March 2013 Ascon Apartments_10&11May2013 QanatAlQasba_July2013 NewMuslumRetreat_DarAlBer_30Aug2013 Exclusive ‘Concept’ Events Dish party Sep-13 100Reasons November 20’13 ( organized and managed for AWQAF) FleaMarket(Feb1&2’14) Online Events Ramadan Quiz 2012 Pre-Ramadan Talk 2012

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